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About AI-IoT 2016

Recent advances in computer systems and in communication technologies and protocols, as well as in service-oriented architectures (SoA) and everything as a service (EaaS), constitute a prelude to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The main feature of this technology is the integration of heterogeneous and multimodal sensors, processing units and action elements (actuators) in a distributed and ambient environment. Billions of devices are expected to be interconnected and integrated as services, which can be used and re-used by developers making the building and realization of complex applications easier. So, the coming new digital market envisions this ambient environment where the physical world, computer-based systems and humans are integrated and seamlessly interoperate, resulting in an improved social and economic marketplace.

Dealing with the interconnection of billions of smart devices and services is a big challenge and IoT has turned into a very hot topic. A brief list of the main problems encountered within the IoT ecosystem includes the virtualization of devices and smart systems, the discoverability and composition of services, the interoperability among different sectors, the management and event recognition of Big stream data, multi-lingual alignment, human-robot interaction, fraud detection and/or prediction, etc. However, the solutions to these problems should take into account apart from the voluntary of data, their veracity (noise, incomplete and erroneous) and the requirement for real time response, that characterize the IoT ecosystem.

This workshop aims at providing the ground for disseminating new and interesting ideas on how artificial intelligence (AI) can make a valuable contribution to the solution of the problems mentioned above.